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H+B Hightech Quality

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Customised, innovative and pioneering manufacturing technology boost production efficiency and product quality. H+B Hightech offers the highest quality for the various different metalworking industries – from the idea to the optimal manufacturing technology to the market-ready component. As a reliable partner for full-scale solutions, we quickly and precisely develop the most economical process which enables you to flexibly react to changing market demands. Take advantage of all the new potential in today’s age of sustainability and Industry 4.0. With H+B Hightech quality everywhere.

H+B Hightech combines the benefits of a down-to-earth, owner-managed family company … read on

The Highest Quality In Every Solution

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Future-ready engineering – this is the power of thought which drives us forward. We are innovators, researchers, developers, designers and manufacturing specialists. But above all: a provider of full-scale solutions who is a reliable partner at your side – from the planning phase to processes to the final precision part. We think ahead, but also look back. Thanks to reverse engineering, we gain decisive insights into the design and manufacturing of an existing component – and can then optimise the design data after the fact.

Everything for your pioneering manufacturing technology:

  • Provider of full-scale solutions for future-ready engineering
  • From the initial idea to the market-ready component
  • Research, technical development, design and manufacturing
  • Reverse engineering
  • Process and build simulations


With their power for innovation and years-long experience, our experts find the right spin in each process phase – regardless of how big the challenge may be. H+B Hightech stands for high-tech components of the highest quality in accuracy and precision. Whether individual parts or entire assembly groups, you continually profit from the latest state-of-the-art technology, intelligently networked manufacturing and everything in between.

Profit from the power of innovation and experience with all machinable materials:

  • Milling And (hard) Turning
  • Broaching
  • Induction Hardening
  • Laser Labelling
  • Component Assembly
  • Integrated Quality Assurance
  • Fault-free Surface Inspection, Own Testing Lab


Where conventional manufacturing reaches its limits, additive manufacturing offers completely new possibilities. After all, the design determines the production process, not the other way around. Instead of milling precision parts, a laser selectively melts powder materials layer by layer. This allows for highly complex, extremely lightweight and stable structures to be created – both for small, efficient batch sizes and customised series production. Thanks to additive manufacturing, you significantly reduce times for product development and market launch.

Take advantage of the new freedom in design and high potential for innovation:

  • Production Of Highly Complex Geometrical Shapes
  • Design Support, Including Topology Optimisation For The Customer
  • Highly Economical
  • Enormous Savings In Time And Resources
  • Tool-free Fabrication With Less Waste
  • Prototype Manufacturing


With H+B Hightech as your competent partner, the triumph of robotics is also a given for your areas of application. By way of integrating universally applicable robots, your series production can be highly automated and your manufacturing processes can be intelligently, quickly and flexibly adapted to your needs. With database-supported real-time monitoring of all manufacturing process and quality characteristics, you manufacture reliably and efficiently.

Rely on automation solutions with top performance:

  • Years-long Experience In Robotics
  • In-house Development Of Small, Flexible Robot Cells As Well As Complex Assembly Lines
  • Fast, Flexible, Highly Automated Production Processes
  • Seamless Material And Process Tracing
  • Operation And Process Data Transfer And Management In Real Time


You find it everywhere at H+B Hightech: quality. It can be seen in the competence of our teams, in ideas, processes and products, as well as in our quality assurance itself. Especially in metal 3D printing, you can rely on our database-supported, 100% quality assurance for the manufacturing of your high-tech precision components. Our measurement and testing technology is of the highest level. Our quality is certified and verifiable, even when it comes to environmental protection.

Rely on certified and verifiable quality of the highest level:

  • Seamless Testing And Component Tracing
  • Database-supported, 100% Quality Monitoring System
  • In-house Lab With The Latest Measurement And Testing Technology
  • Assurance Of Quality And Surface Quality, Especially For Safety And Certification-relevant Applications


Each precision part is only as good as the analysis of the material it is made of. As a member of the Heine + Beisswenger Group, we at H+B Hightech have materials competence which has grown over the course of four generations – and we leverage this know-how with a distinct sense of innovation and lots of passion so that we can face your challenges together. For additive manufacturing processes, we analyse the necessary metal powders as well as the 3D-printed samples and all other characteristics which are essential for the final component.

Ensure the most extensive materials know-how for your precision parts:

  • Years-long Experience With All Machinable Materials
  • Analysis Of Compositions, Surface Pattern Analysis, Porosity Testing
  • Determination Of The Grain Size Distribution
  • Tensile Strength Testing
  • Identification of remaining oxygen and nitrogen levels
  • Assessment of dynamic strength using endurance tests

Not A Trend - A Way Of Working

As Quality

The conservation of our environment has never been just a trend to us – it has always been how we have acted. As a quality-producing company, we are aware that the quality of our environment lies in our own hands. As a company where we put people first, we, together with all employees, are committed to taking responsibility for sustainable environmental protection. To achieve this, we follow a single, clear goal: to minimise our own carbon footprint as a way to counteract climate change. Local suppliers, energy-efficient manufacturing and long-term investments in pioneering technology have always been part of our resource-friendly way of working.


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H+B Hightech

We know that quality does not develop on its own. It is thanks to our employees, the foundation for success, who stand out with their high motivation, competence and team spirit. Appreciation and respect shape how we work with each other in our company. “Grow with H+B Hightech” expresses what we would like to offer all our employees, apprentices and working students. For the continued healthy growth of our company, we need people who want to contribute, with the aim to develop further together with us. This enables H+B Hightech quality to also go further.

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